The High Life


It’s not always easy to keep fit. As our slim escorts will tell you, keeping off the pounds can be a task and a half, especially around this time of year. After all, Easter is one of the few times in the year when you can stuff your face with chocolate and no one will bat an eyelid If Unknown-2you’re trying to stay in shape though, there can be no gorging. A delicious carrot stick will make up for any loss of chocolatey goodness right?

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. We all know it. You’ll be the one who watches as your coworker holds up their healthy snack and tries in vain to convince you -and themselves- that it’s just as nice, or you might be vaguely self satisfied one yourself. It doesn’t matter. Chocolate is delicious. You want it. That much is for sure, and you know that before the holiday is over you’ll give in. The secret to winning that fight? Don’t start it. Allow yourself to have an Easter egg. Get a nice one, with a quality chocolate. Eat it slowly. Savour it. You might think that this is counter intuitive, but life is about occasional indulgences and moderation. Trying to stay away from chocolate entirely is likely going to end with you giving in and filling yourself full of the stuff in some sort of cocoa related hysteria. Since the Priory doesn’t have a mini egg ward yet, that’s probably not the best of ideas. If you have a little bit of it now and again however, it can retain its status as a treat without causing any weight issues. Making it forbidden will only make things worse: think about it, when do you most want something? When you can’t have it of course, which is when it becomes increasingly fetished until disproportionately important.

If you do get a little bit naughty, you’re going to need to burn off those calories. The secret isn’t dieting or some miracle cream, it’s good old exercise. Our faithful friend, exercise is simultaneously exhausting and reinvigorating, wonderful and awful, inspiring and the thing that you dread for hours before it has to happen. Our slim escorts are lucky enough to be in a group where everyone is obviously concerned about their weight, so they have no problem keeping each other going. You might not be so lucky, and going to the gym on your own can be a bit demoralising, especially at the start. That and no one calls you on it when laziness causes you to trade 30 mins of running for an hour and a half with Ben, Jerry and Bridget. Believe it or not, getting a trainer might not be a waste of money. They’ll keep you fit and they’ll make sure that you stick to your routine. Think of it as an investment