The High Life


Massage is a lost art, or at least so it would seem. Ask a friend if they’re going to have a massage and the answer is usually one of the following:Unknown-3

  • No, my Mrs is away this week.
  • No, I can’t be bothered to give her one back.
  • No, I’m not going to the spa this week.

For men and women alike, the pleasures of enjoying a little full body relaxation is something that is either done only as part of an overblown pampering, or with a partner. Men forget that not all massages have to be sensual, women forget that they can be a lot more stimulating than your average manicure. It’s a shame really, and London’s massage escorts and body therapists certainly find it to be rather baffling.

After all, a massage isn’t about intimacy and the titillation of touch. It can be, don’t get us wrong, there are few things hotter than a slow, teasing bit of fun from your significant other, but it’s also possible to get one without the slightest hint of anything other than relaxation. Co workers giving each other a quick shoulder rub during a stressful afternoon may set off rumour of a blossoming office romance, but in reality it’s little more than doing something for a friend.

A proper massage, performed by someone with the right training is utter heaven. It helps to induce a state of relaxation that you’ll rarely find elsewhere. It’s the perfect way to leave all the stress of the working week, or a difficult circumstance, behind and take a little bit of time out. The best way to think of it is to imagine carrying a few little bags of sand on your shoulders. They’re annoyances, and you can easily bear their weight. Over time however, they will weigh you down, you’ll start to slump and crumple. A massage is a chance to get rid of all that emotional baggage, to be totally free for a time, correct your posture and stand straight and tall once more.

This is true in both an emotional and a physical sense: anyone who’s had a good massage will tell you how light and wonderful their body feels after wards. The reason for this is simple, and lies in the way that we exhibit signs of stress. Our gorgeous massage escorts have told us that they often notice that their clients with the most intense jobs and lifestyles carry themselves stiffly, often with bent backs, a tendency to slouch and hunched shoulders. The key to really enjoying life is being able to have a little time off now and again. Taking an hour once every week to actually stop worrying is vital but for many it’s impossible. They have to worry about the shopping, the deadlines, the mortgage. They need help, which is understandable. Many men try and grit their teeth but they don’t realise that the brave thing to do is not to bear it, but to have the courage to ask for help.