The High Life


Sometimes, it pays to take a little bit longer. At first, it might seem like in this day and age, we crave more and more. However, the modern world seems to be consumed with a desire to do more, in less time. It’s a triumph for quantity over quality, a tendency that seems to be echoed the world across. The common cry from the older generation is that everyone around nowadays seems to have the attention span of gnat. In their days, 90 minute escorts were the standard, not the exception. They look on the current youth and they see a disposable culture, one where things are designed to be used for a small period of time then replaced. In their day, you would keep a good suit for a decade or more. Now, you’re lucky if it’s still in one piece at the end of the year. They don’t know any better, they don’t know how things used to be.

In some ways, it’s a valid point. Despite their hefty price tags, many modern products seem to have such a short shelf life that their relevancy can be measured in days rather than years. A cynical man might say that the producers of these products might be purposefully making poor quality things in order to force their consumers to buy the latest releases. You don’t need to be a genius to notice that many modern producers are abandoning support for past products and backwards compatibility in favour of shifting new units.

What we all need is to take a step back. In our greed to pick up everything that’s good, we’ve forgotten how to hold on to what we already have. So many marvels pass us by in a blur these days and we make no effort to catch them. Instead we’re off chasing the latest marvel. 30 minute booking sessions may be good for a man with a tight schedule, but who else does it suit? Those looking to dabble, without ever really appreciating what’s in front of them. If anything, we should be adding time not taking it away, which is why we happen to think that our 90 minute escorts are a luxury that every man should enjoy.

After all, isn’t that the point of an elite service or product, to revel in its superior quality? These days the luxurious is just another disposable asset to be enjoyed and then replaced by something else and something else. Part of what makes things like this treats is their supposed irreplaceability, a rarity that itself contains a value. It might be a cocktail of expensive liqueurs or a valuable antique, a girl of special beauty or a fantastic